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Our Values and Standards

Our Values 
  • Connectedness 
  • Ethical Innovation
  • Pragmatism 
  • Morality 
  • Community 

Our Standards 
  • We are well connected. 
  • We live and breathe innovation, contributing to the digital economy while making it safer.
  • We seek to understand and gain knowledge through researching both confirming and disconfirming evidence, and triangulating data.
  • With a strong moral compass, we are a safe pair of hands, responsible, accountable and trustworthy. 
  • We are centred, balanced, pragmatic and fair. 
  • We are thoughtful, curious and live out our respect for diversity. 
  • We are respectful, courteous and confident. 
  • We make a positive difference to the well-being of society, especially when taking on challenges. 
  • In performing our work we are building a healthy, profitable, scalable company that creates jobs.