2016 5th Annual Australian Fraud Summit


5th Annual Australian Fraud Summit 2016
24 – 26 May 2016 | Menzies Hotel, Sydney

All levels of government and the private sector now engage in various forms of online transactions. As much as security systems are in place to prevent and detect fraud, the landscape is constantly changing at a rapid rate.

As the methodologies employed by fraudsters continue to increase in sophistication, organisations need to constantly stay ahead of the game and be continuously equipped to thwart and address incidences of fraud.

The 5th Australian Fraud Summit 2016 will bring together thought leaders in the public and private sectors to discuss new thinking in preventing, detecting and responding to fraud in an increasingly complex technological era.

This conference will address:

       Strategies to prevent, detect and respond to increasingly sophisticated fraud methods

       Methods to increase resilience to cyber exposure and secure information

       How to equip your organisation to address increased infiltration on online channels

       Embedding a culture of empowering and educating staff about fraud risk

       Tools to improve internal fraud management

Attend and hear from senior International and Australian leaders including:

       Iain Johnston, Head of Financial Crimes and Security, Prudential Corporation Asia (Hong Kong)

       Pieter van der Merwe, Chief Information Security Officer, Woolworths Ltd

       Tamsyn Harris, Head of Fraud Strategy – Financial Crimes Unit, ANZ

       Rocky Scopelliti, Global Industry Executive - Banking, Finance & Insurance, Telstra

       Ashutosh Kapse, Head – Information Security, Technology Risk & Audit, IOOF Holdings Ltd

       Este Darin-Cooper, Director of Regulation and Strategy, Office of the Australian Information Commissioner


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